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These guided meditations are intended to help you cultivate a calmer, more present state of mind. They vary in length and explore a range of techniques that can be combined or practiced individually. If any of the techniques appeal to you, you should practice them for as long as you like. The general rule of meditation is to pick something that works for you and do it as long as it works for you. When it stops working, it's time to try another technique.

Before you begin, take a moment to get comfortable. This might mean sitting on the floor or a bolster of some sort (cushions, folded blankets or pillows all work well), or sitting on a chair, or maybe even lying down. Some teachers advise against lying down when you meditate because it makes it easier to fall asleep, but my general feeling is that if you fall asleep, that means you needed sleep more than meditation. If you do fall asleep while meditating, enjoy your rest and try meditating again later.

In most cases you'll want to find a quiet place to do your meditation. A room where you won't be disturbed, a park, the beach or any other quiet place in nature are always good options. If you don't have a quiet place, though, don't worry. You can meditate anywhere. On the bus, on a plane, in a restaurant... in many ways, noisy environments are even better than quiet ones because they challenge your ability to stay focused. Wherever you are, let yourself relax as much as possible and simply allow for whatever noises or other potential disturbances might be happening around you. In time and with practice, they will cease to distract you.

Above all, enjoy the journey and the time spent with yourself...

(Note: If you're listening on a smartphone, you may want to turn off the "auto-lock" function as some phones will stop playing the recording when the screen locks) 

• Basic Pranayama

• Learning the Bandhas

• Pranayama with Bandhas

• Alternate Nostril - Intro

• Alternate Nostril with Bandhas & Retentions

• 12 Minute Mixed Pranayama

• Self-Study Meditation (15 mins)