There are many ways to teach yoga. Guiding people through various poses while reminding them to breathe deeply is probably the most common approach, but there is a lot more to yoga than postures and breath. Ultimately yoga is a journey, an exploration of the Self, and for me writing is very much a part of that. When I teach a class I attempt to share my understanding, experience and love of yoga through the physical practice. These stories are my way of doing the same through writing. I hope you enjoy them.



THE WILD MAN: After a devastating loss, a reclusive woodcarver comes to believe that his child is living with a pack of wolves in the forest behind his house. Concerned for his health, his brother pays him a visit, only to discover that things are not as he imagined.

        • The Wild Man

A GIFT IN PASSING: True happiness can be hard to come by. Who would've thought it could be found in an unexpected encounter with a dead bird?

        • A Gift in Passing

SOARING...: Because a little poetry is good for the soul.

        • Soaring...

FREEDOM SCHOOL (non-fiction): About two years ago, I volunteered to start teaching yoga in a juvenile detention hall in northern Los Angeles. It's been an incredibly fascinating, frustrating, rewarding and exhausting experience. This is a window into the journey so far...

        • Freedom School