There are many ways to teach yoga. Guiding people through various poses while reminding them to breathe deeply is probably the most common approach, but there is a lot more to yoga than postures and breath. Ultimately yoga is a journey, an exploration of the Self, and for me writing is very much a part of that. When I teach a class I attempt to share my understanding, experience and love of yoga through the physical practice. These stories are my way of doing the same through writing. I hope you enjoy them.



THE WILD MAN: After a devastating loss, a reclusive woodcarver comes to believe that his child is living with a pack of wolves in the forest behind his house. Concerned for his health, his brother pays him a visit, only to discover that things are not as he imagined.

        • The Wild Man

A GIFT IN PASSING: True happiness can be hard to come by. Who would've thought it could be found in an unexpected encounter with a dead bird?

        • A Gift in Passing

SOARING...: Because a little poetry is good for the soul.

        • Soaring...

FREEDOM SCHOOL (non-fiction): About two years ago, I volunteered to start teaching yoga in a juvenile detention hall in northern Los Angeles. It's been an incredibly fascinating, frustrating, rewarding and exhausting experience. This is a window into the journey so far...

        • Freedom School


These works are a labor of love. If you've felt moved by any of them, please feel free to share them with anyone you think might enjoy them or benefit by reading them, and if you feel compelled, please consider making a contribution that will allow for future works to be created. As much of the inspiration for these words and stories comes from nature, a portion of your contribution will be donated to the National Parks Foundation in an effort to preserve our planet's wild spaces.