A favorite instructor to yogis of all levels in Los Angeles and beyond, Brent Laffoon is first and foremost a devoted student of the practice. Trained in a variety of styles -- including Bhakti, Ashtanga and Iyengar -- his classes are a creative blend of traditional yoga postures and practical philosophy mixed with a wide range of functional movements designed to help students stretch and strengthen their bodies, focus and calm their minds, as well as open their hearts and uplift their spirits.

In addition to being the lead Teacher Trainer for Pure Yoga/Equinox in Southern California, Brent also teaches classes and workshops and leads his signature Yoga Adventures all over the world. His mission is to encourage people to think of yoga as more than just exercise, and to help them discover the practice that brings them as much joy, meaning, fulfillment and good health as possible.

Prior to teaching yoga Brent played college football at Dartmouth, taught English in the Peace Corps and worked as a screenwriter, among other things. He is honored to have learned from some of the world's most highly regarded teachers and feels blessed to be able to share the practice of yoga with others.

In the name of limitless possibility: Om
In the hope of abiding peace as one of those possibilities: Shanti
And in the spirit of unity, love and respect among all living creatures and the Earth itself: Namaste.

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