A favorite yoga instructor to yogis of all levels in Los Angeles and beyond, Brent Laffoon is the lead Teacher Trainer for Pure Yoga and Equinox Fitness Clubs in Southern California. When he’s not teaching his regular classes or working with individual students in Los Angeles, he can be found hosting workshops and leading his signature Yoga Adventures all over the world. Trained in a variety of styles — including Ashtanga, Iyengar and Bhakti — Brent’s classes are both playful and intense, blending traditional yoga philosophy and posture with a variety of creative and functional movements designed to strengthen the body, calm the mind, and uplift the spirit.


Yoga means many things to many people. To me, it ultimately comes down to love. As one of my teachers once put it, “Yoga is not simply a practice, it is a source of energy. Just like coal and oil make heat possible, yoga is what makes Love possible.”

That may seem like a strange and even grandiose claim, but so far as we know, it is true that human beings — for as long as they’ve been around — have felt love and wondered about the nature of it, and it is also true — again, so far as we know — that all of the earliest forms of yoga were attempts to unite the soul (or the individual Self) with the Divine (or Universal) Consciousness, which was considered to be the source of Love.

The modern practices may look very different from the traditional ones, but they have all evolved from the same original intention, and whether it be through traditional postures or creative movement, through breathwork, meditation or creativity in general, through study or discussion, through hard work and play, this is ultimately what I aspire in my own practice to embody and through my teaching to share: The understanding that in all we do we have the opportunity either to infuse ourselves — our words, our actions, our very lives — with as much love as possible, or not.

Any practice that helps us to serve this understanding in a positive way, to me, is yoga, and whether we meet in a class, a workshop, a training, on a retreat or somewhere on the street, I look forward to sharing my practice with your and learning what I can about and from yours. Until then, in the name of limitless possibility: Om; In the hope of abiding peace as one of those possibilities: Shanti; And in the spirit of unity, love and respect among all living creatures and the Earth itself: Namaste,


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